8 Reasons To Join Defence Services

One of the most admired and respected careers in the nation is to join its defence forces. Youngsters can accomplish all their professional expectations by opting for an exciting career of challenges, enthusiasm, adventure as a defence officer.
In India, Armed Forces consist of largely four professional uniformed services which includes the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. There are numerous paramilitary inter-service establishments that are in our country as supportive hand to the Indian Armed Forces (IAS).
Let’s check out the key factors which motivate youngsters to enroll into Indian army:
1. Personal Satisfaction and Sense Of Pride: The career of an army personnel endows with an opportunity to serve their motherland. It is safe to say that nothing gives more pleasure and satisfaction than serving your country. Further, rescuing lives and protecting the population offers a great contentment and pride.
2. Professional Advancement: The army comes with limitless opportunities to boost your personality. If someone desires to study further during the job tenure, there is a scope for further education too which can be advantageous to you post retirement. There are several training programs carried out in armed forces which are best for both personal and professional development.
3. Prestige and Respect: This is one of the most prestigious and respected careers available in the country. One of the major reasons to join army is the respect and love from fellow citizens. From the moment you start preparing for NDA entrance exams or join NDA coaching classes, you will experience a big world of advancement.
4. Variety and Adventure: Candidates who have been aspiring to select a career of excitement and challenges, armed forces can meet all their professional expectations effectively. Indian army is a service of complete devotion, sacrifice, honour and prestige.
5. Job Security and Financial Stability: In the present pandemic led economic scenario, having a good and esteemed government job is the desirable owing to the job security. In addition to job security, the pay scales are also amazing (Particularly after sixth and seventh pay commission reports, the salary of a Lieutenant is around Rs. 65000/- per month after sixth pay commission while the seventh pay commission has suggested a decent increment in salary scales of army officers of various ranks). Furthermore, the allowances that an army officer will avail are flying pay, high altitude allowance, sailing allowance, island allowance, pilotage allowance, diving allowance, submarine allowance, commando allowance, and lots more actually.
6. Postretirement Benefits: Once the retirement stage has been reached, apart from the attractive amount (provident fund and other savings) army personnel will get a pension all through the life (Indian army is among the few establishments to get the advantage of pension in our country). The experience, training and education during service offers a best post-retirement job opportunity.
7. Facilities For Whole Family: People in armed forces are entitled for facilities such as free schooling to children, free medical facilities to dependent family member like spouse/parents/children, canteen conveniences, loan services, exceptional accommodation, free air tickets for you and all your family anywhere in India once in a year. They also avail membership to various clubs, gyms and golf courses that they are so inexpensive which is as good as being free.
8. Physical Fitness: In armed forces, one can be assured to lead a healthier lifestyle which is one of the essential parts of our life.
Apart from above attractions, there are a good number of other facilities and factors that would motivate anyone planning to join the defence forces. Perhaps, above motivations are enough for youngsters to attract them towards the stimulating career in armed forces and to serve India with passion.

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