Testimonials of our students on Google review

Rakshit Shetty :

I’ll be completely honest in this review ..
It’s one of the best coaching institutes ..
Every institute has its own strengths..
The strength here is Lt. COL Dalvi Sir himself..
His experience.. his personality.. his practical knowledge .. Will help the student in his future endeavors be it joining the Forces or doing great in life ..
The institute has good teaching faculty and they are providing quality coaching to the students.

Priyadarshini Ma’am is the second pillar ..
Her command over her subjects is commendable..
And her management too..
I prefer a bit of empathy always in any field relating to humans ..
Ma’am has it .. she will understand your problems and help you out with it .. always motivate you to do well ..

Though offline classes were fun and interactive for me ..
The Pandemic has made us adjust to certain things .. online lectures for now 😅

Deven Shinde :
If you are a defence aspirant from Mumbai and surrounding areas and are looking for excellent coaching and guidance to face these exams then Margadarshak Academy led by Lt.Col Dalvi Sir is the best place you can go to.
Starting from written to the SSB, all the phases are taught by thorough professionals. Coaching for SSB is taken by Dalvi Sir himself. Having been a GTO himself, Sir knows exactly what to teach and how to teach which is extremely helpful when you face the real SSB.
Along with knowledge, Sir’s guidance is very important to develop a good personality also. Listening to Sir’s experiences in the force further strengthens your resolve to achieve your goal.
That is why if you aspire to achieve your goal of joining the Armed Forces, then Margadarshak Academy is the the place you have to be.
Riken Bhatt :
Being a defence aspirant, I wanted that one person who just catch my hand and show me a way towards joining armed forces and I got Lt. Col DALVI sir in exact manner apart from this his personality, knowledge, positive attitude, experience motivates me each and every time when ever, I had word with him.The most important part of this academy is Miss PRIYADARSHANI ma’am who really work hard for her students. She concentrates on each and every student present in class her teaching skills are excellent also she is punctual in work and she never forget to share current affairs with us this quality shows that she is active in nature.

We students really have a friendly relation with sir and ma’am and we enjoy our study rather than mugup.

After the lectures and notes of MARGDARSHAK DEFENCE CAREER ACADEMY it feel that definitely I will cross CDS examination.

Param Wankhede :
Teaching faculty is very dedicated towards students, specially Priyadarshini Maam and Dalvi Sir.
Teachers at the academy dictate important notes and printed notes are also provided for specific topics.
Periodic tests are conducted for students. Dalvi Sir keeps the class up to date with current affairs topics, so that students don’t miss out on trending current affairs.
Alumni who cracked SSB, also share their experiences to help students gain insight on how to plan their studies.
Consider joining the academy, if you wish to have a glorious defence career.
amrit bahl :
Exceptionally good and targeted guidance for the written exam as well as crucial life tips and experiences are interspersed by the highly experienced faculty. Classes are extremely interactive and fun as the tutors understand the student’s plight and thus motivate him to do better. Especially Dalvi sir is a highly motivated, experienced and a top brass person. Spoonfeeding is strictly avoided but they give an opportunity to explore the cobwebs of our own inefficiencies to Excell in the task given . Regular tests and current affairs discussions as well as analysis is a periodic and constant affair in the class. Above all the experience of such true people shape my mind to becoming a responsible citizen for my country. The interaction with the alumni of this academy who are the hot talks to get through to the academy make me believe that I can do it too . For me personally the atmosphere of the classroom is so conducive that ever day I come home beaming and motivated to work an hour more than yesterday to achieve my dream. In every meaning of the word , this academy is a true margadarshak .
Vinit Pereira :
Self confidence is the thing which one must possess. Boosting will be required to achieve goal and this is the thing which Margdarshak classes gave me. All thanks to Col Sudhakar Dalvi. Sir ensured that I get prepared in just 10 days since, I had only 13 days for SSB. Followed and adhered to the methods of Col Dalvi and cleared the SSB utilising those golden 13 days opportunity. Close your eyes have faith and join the guidance given by Col Dalvi. Sir, really hats off to you.