5 Tips To Study For SSB Interview

CDS examination is one of the prime ways to get your entry into the Army, Navy and Air Force. The marks attained in CDS exams are scaled down to 100 to develop the eventual merit list which will decide aspirant’s fate.

Although, SSB (Service Selection Board) interview for the CDS aspirants are not similar to the direct entry aspirants. Contenders for CDS are anticipated to be more considerate, having dynamic knowledge. The level of knowledge of a CDS candidate appearing for SSB interview is generally much more stepping in as direct entries. The candidates who have cleared CDS exams would be waiting for their SSB interview call now. You can prepare easily for SSB interview through Coaching Classes in Thane and Dadar.

In this blog, we will endow with best tips for the candidates on what to do in the interim and how to successfully prepare for SSB interview.

  1. Kick Start Your Preparations By Running Every Day.

CDS candidates are considered as ‘studious guys’ who might not be physically fit. Physical fitness does not really play a very substantial role in SSB interview for a normal healthy youth, but running routinely assists you to form a feeling of self-discipline and motivation.

  1. Augment Your Thinking By Turning Into More Realistic.

Consider every situation in your life as SRT (Situation Realistic Test) and how will you will respond to it. Each word you read in an ad or a billboard you see, try to construct a positive sentence out of it.

  1. Initiate Spending Additional Time With Your Friends/Colleagues.

This will boost your social skills and transform you into confident individual. The instant you are in the group – think of every discussion as a GD/GPE and practice the ways with which you would achieve in the real GD/GPE. Just do not let any individual in the group realize about it as that is the most natural self they could converse about it.

  1. Make Sure That You Go Through Newspapers & Contemporary Affairs.

There are suitable articles in the newspaper from which you can practice your TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) and get notions for stories.

  1. Introspect Yourself.

Distinguish your strengths and weaknesses. It is to be noted that learning about your weakness is more imperative than learning about your strengths. That’s what differentiates an intelligent man from others. Do not keep in mind that you don’t have any form of weakness – there is no perfect candidate.

Post Receiving Your Call Letter:

  • Learn the SSB procedure in depth. Learn about every test you are planning to appear. If you are by any chance a repeater and not endorsed, do not feel that you are a repeater (except while writing in PIQs). Study from your previous mistakes, and attain now.
  • The main thing post receiving your call letter is to book your train tickets to escape travelling in Waiting List. Keep a printout of ticket in situation when you have to claim travelling allowance.
  • Categorize all your documents as printed in the call letter. Make sure you do this on the day of availing the call letter. If you’re a candidate, you must get annexures signed (as specified) and show certificates (in case originals are in college/company).
  • Revise your theoretic knowledge. This indicates that you are good enough to attend college/school and have an understanding to hold your subject acquaintance.