5 Tips For NDA & CDS Students To Battle Covid-19 Anxiety

NDA & CDS Students generally lead a very stressful life, and this unexpected lockdown is making them very concerned. Students ought to remain calm and emphasize on staying healthy, not merely physically but psychologically too.

  1. Continue with your daily routine:

It is easy to get into a ‘holiday’ feeling and disremember all about the outside world and our day-to-day habits. Students who were initially going CDS & NDA Coaching Classes, must now adhere to their daily routines from home regardless of the constant chaos as once this pandemic end, they will observe that resuming back to their regular routine will be very problematic and exhausting.

  1. Limit the intake of information:

In a country so connected by social media, students especially must be very cautious about what they take to heart. Anybody with access to the internet suddenly seems to behave like doctor, engineer or politician in trying times; it is vital in circumstances like these to only have faith in in news and information from reliable sources. A lot of students fall prey to fake circulating news which is widely spread over numerous social media platforms. It will be sensible to crosscheck any news article prior to forwarding it to loved ones as instigating fear is in nobody’s favour.

  1. Stay connected:

Lockdown could be a solitary time particularly for the youngsters who are so habitual to socialising frequently. In phases like these, introverts are inclined to have a small advantage owing to their quiet nature, but extroverts may experience concerns in staying indoors while following social distancing. Being connected with friends and family will surely help with all the growing anxiety which is certain to build up. We are asked to socially distance ourselves physically, however thanks to the technology in our lives, we can very well not miss out on our Sunday brunches or Friday night drinks. That’s the reason, video calling was developed, wasn’t it?

            4. Let out your feelings:

Students suddenly finding themselves cooped up is more than sufficient to drive anybody up the walls. In times like these, it is very much natural to feel nervous and lost, particularly if they are all on their own. We would highly recommend NDA & CDS students to talk to friends, family, professionals or whoever they are comfortable with instead of mounting up their emotions. Excess weight in any container will only make it burst out and likewise holding in the uncertainties, doubts and anxiety will only lead to harm. We would again urge all the NDA & CDS students to open up and talk to somebody they feel comfortable with, and trust or at best let your feelings pour out on paper.

            5. Find meaning:

As Nietzsche correctly said, “He who has a way to live can bear with almost any how”. If students are secluded and missing their loved ones, try to bear in mind why you are doing what you are doing, and why it is important to you. When one stands back and looks at what they are attempting to attain on a wider level, one can put the ordinary painful sacrifices they are making into certain perspective. It helps to give sense to what one is experiencing and to comprehend the higher purpose they are serving.


Like all things in life, this will pass too, and we believe humanity will be able to fight this battle, better together.