4 Killer Tips To Pass CDS Exam

Preparation for CDS Exam is essential prior to writing the real exam. It is observed that post CDS Exam results, many candidates get stunned as they imagine the result in their favour without even understanding the struggle level of CDS Exam. Aspirants must remember that with time CDS exam struggle level is growing considerably. Even though you have or had a fine preparation of the CDS examination, there are numerous others who have a higher hand in preparation and would attain better rank than you do.

Lakhs of aspirants are appearing for the CDS exam each year and merely thousands of them will get its way to the SSB Interview. So, here we are sharing more about the top 4 killer tips to get best marks in CDS exam to clear it. Aspirants can follow these 4 tips to get more benefit over other aspirants.

1. Identify the CDS syllabus Candidates, especially the freshers who are really good in general Mathematics, English and GK never look and go through the syllabus of CDS exam. This is wrong. You must always go through the syllabus of CDS exam since that will aid you in understanding what they may ask in CDS exam paper.

After you done scanning the whole CDS exam syllabus, make sure you are separating out those topics that you don’t need any groundwork and you are 100% confident of cracking it. Topics that you are not 100% assured of are the ones you want to study well to crack CDS exam.

Extract the topics which you have zero knowledge on and keep them for last.


2. Refer to preceding question papers of CDS Exam. This technique of CDS preparation is followed by number of successful aspirants since numerous years. So, at all times solve 10-15 earlier question papers and learn where you are missing out, emphasize on topics that you are certain about and you will do well without any doubt. Check out for CDS Coaching Classes for thorough lectures, mock tests and solved previous question papers.


3. Consider several preparation sources such as books, educational magazines, e-books, blogs, online CDS preparation, online study groups, articles etc. This will make your CDS preparation stronger and you will also learn things that you are not mindful of while preparing with a solo source.

If you are preparing with the help of CDS coaching classes, they never stop you from referring additional sources. The more you study, the more you will gain is what they believe. Thus, extend your horizon to realize more things connected to CDS exam preparation. You never know what benefit you will get by preparing with several other sources.


4. Begin well in advance and create a plan as to the way you are going to get ready for CDS exam. Cling to your plan till the end. Most of the aspirants who are satisfactory to crack the CDS exam never understand the significance of time. At the last minute, they lose out the revision of vital topics. This leads to ultimate failure.  Thus, always try to initiate your CDS exam preparation the minute you can.