3 Hardcore Tips To Crack SSB Interview Within A Month

It is said that a dedicated candidate has the liveliest chances of passing the SSB interview. Here are the 3 hardcore tips which will aid you in cracking this SSB interview within one month

  1. Know SSB Interview Tests & Procedures In & Out

Well, this interview is not merely a day stuff. It is not like a typical interview also. Most of the nominated candidates do make this blunder. They don’t know significant details about SSB interview and its procedure.

Try to understand more about the procedures that you’ll probably will have to handle. There will be a string of tests performed across number of days. Make certain that you get appropriate knowledge about the timetable.

Originally, there will be a screening test. Individuals who manage to pass the screening test and group discussion round are then ought to remain at the SSB centre for the following 5 days. During these five days, a variety of tests and interviews will be conducted by the board. Personal interview round is also conducted during this phase. Besides Personal Interview, some other tests comprise of- SRT, WAT, Progressive Group Task, Final Group Task, Command Task, Physical Test and Conference Round.

These examinations will be set one after another from the second day forward. Although, the CHM will inform you about the timing and dates concerning these tests, it is continuously advisable to do one’s groundwork and be prepared to face them anytime!

Learn what assessments such as WAT (Word Association Test), SRT (Situation Reaction Test) etc are all about.

  1. Do Good Practice & Form Test-Wise Preparation Habits

Make sure that you go on a quality ‘practice session’. Studying about these assessments faster is prime part, but practicing them is even nicer.

Study materials are accessible in abundance. You may go for ‘SSB interview coaching classes’, buy CDS and NDA training books or avail study material online easily.

Whatever source you select, ensure that you exercise well.

It is very crucial to get ready for each test/stage immersed in the SSB Interview. Each test has its own exceptional nature.

SRT, WAT and similar written assessments can be handled with by exercising from study material available in the market. Going through question sets will help you get a grip, when it comes to such assessments.

But it is difficult to prepare for Group Tasks, PI, Physical Test stage and Conference round purely by examining books and study material. When it comes to Group Task, you ought to have good confidence, clear-cut thinking, rational skills, decision making skills and great communication skills to work well! Fostering those traits will certainly help one out!

Being physically healthy and responsive will aid during the Physical test round. There’s a series of fixed hurdles, when it comes to this round. Having understanding about these hurdles and training holding them in mind will assist you during the real test. Time saving approaches can be utilized during this round and bonus marks can be acquired by one!

  1. Don’t Ignore Current Affairs

This is what many contenders ignore. They’ll exercise for all those tests, but leave behind Current Affairs. Having excellent general awareness and understanding of current affairs is an extra advantage!

A number of times, during the personal interview stage, questions connected to current affairs will be presented by the interviewer. Make certain that you go through newspapers on a daily basis. Likewise, referring magazines such as Pratiyogita Darpan and websites like Jagran Josh will definitely help you. You can also enroll yourself in SSB interview coaching classes in Thane and Dadar for better subject understanding.