2 Key Tips To Prepare For The SSB Interview Questions

If you are all set to prepare for the SSB interview then you need to comprehend that the evaluators at the SSB on no occasion judge you based on a fixed parameter which is general for all of the candidates. They are evaluated on the parameters such as their response and decisions in the past and in present life as well as on their own performance solely. The one-to-one discussion technique as known as “VAACHA” is among the main technique to assess a candidate and typically, a one-to-one discussion round goes on till 45-60 minutes.

Since, the SSB interview technique emphasizes totally on your existing life, previous decisions and achievements, forthcoming plans and obviously, you are looked for the essential OLQs (Officer Like Qualities). In this manner, it becomes very significant that you be ready for the SSB interview in an efficient way so that you can adhere your original plan. Any nonconformity in the form of questions, for which you ae not ready for, will make you anxious or will provoke unwarranted and divided attention.

Here are 2 key tips to prepare for the SSB Interview Questions:

1. Make a timeline of your life events:

You will be aware that the SSB interview is all about your past events and the decisions in your life which has occurred and your forthcoming decisions which you will take according to your past experiences. Now, to collect whole information regarding yourself, you are needed to make a note of all the key events of your life and major decisions impacting your upcoming choices in a place. Beginning from your 10th class exam result followed by the choice of stream, class 12th exam result, various competitive assessment results, kind of college allotted, job placement or no placement, job profile, additional competitive exams in case any etc., must be set at one place as several number of questions will erupt out of your single past decision made by you.

Now, take hold of a pen & paper and reflect on these events and note it down so that you can figure a reason behind each one of them. This will help you in answering the questions of the SSB interviewer such as what, who, why, when, where and how.

2. Prepare a list of your achievements in concerning fields:

Since you have noted down all of your life decisions and events in a paper, now comes the time to be evaluating all of your achievements in the realms of sports, extra-curriculum activities, academics, positions of responsibilities that you have taken care of in the past. Your present achievements & past one in your workplace or in competitive examination ought to be specially highlighted. The logic behind noting these achievements is to increase your confidence as well as showcasing your integrity in front of the SSB interviewer. Armed forces grasp special thoughts about sports that’s the reason realms such as academics and sports are held in huge respect. Your performance in these realms is a sign that you have been a good and sincere student and you can be easily trusted upon depending on your previous steady performances.

They also need to observe whether you can take care of several things at once and that’s where your involvement in CCA activities come into the picture. This guarantees that you as a candidate doesn’t clasp under pressure and can deal with many things at the same time. Similarly, your performance at your office and competitive examinations talk about your seriousness concerning your future and present decisions and how well you are conscious of the fundamentals of your profile.