16 Do’s of SSB Interview

While interviewing officer interacts with you, he envisions whether you have the necessary attributes to attain the position of an army officer. What you have performed till date with respect to your basic edifying performances in examination from 10th to current level, your attainments in extra-curricular happenings, your hobbies, sports, activities and some other interests in life, your relationship with your parents, friends, teachers and community at large, your overall awareness and GK and your physical and mental resilience are significant facades of your SSB interview.

The interviewing officer understands and offers you excellent benefit for flaws or mistakes that you might have committed. Therefore, don’t try and hide whatever thing. The propensity of lying or making false allegations is perceived undesirably and is easily noticeable.

Some essentials which a candidate ought to bear in mind while preparing during an interview are as follows –

  1. Be correctly turned out for the SSB interview.
  2. Appear smart, lively and excited.
  3. Must stay happy and calm and react politely to the interviewing officer’s greeting remark.
  4. Be clear but not too loud. Look eager to speak and answer to questions.
  5. Sit straight and comfortably, do not fret, do not keep pushing your hands and legs.
  6. Answer questions being asked by tenderly nodding your head and sustain eye contact throughout.
  7. If you have not understood anything, courteously ask for an explanation or to reprise the question.
  8. Need to be clear about facts and figures concerning to your biodata, marks acquired, ranking in competitive exams, dates, names of school / institution, to name a few. Avoid declaring “I do not remember” and react as far as possible.
  9. A sizable number of questions are usually asked at one go in a series. Try and remember all these questions and make an effort to answer them in the same sequence. If you flunk to recall all questions, wrap up those you remember and then request to clarify for anything, remaining.
  10. Study well in GK for the interview. You are anticipated to be aware about existing events if asked.
  11. Speak about hobbies, involvement in games & sports, adventure activities and any additional interests. You ought to have sufficient technical knowledge concerning your hobbies and games you play. You will get some questions on these.
  12. Make use of your time while waiting for SSB interview by reading newspapers and journals accessible in waiting room.
  13. Watch TV News for revising yourself in candidates’ lines / waiting room.
  14. Remain tranquil and at comfort during the SSB interview.
  1. Listen to entire questions prior to attempting to reply.
  2. Be true and honest while answering to questions.